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Who we are

We are nine 1st year medical students from UCI School of Medicine who will be partnering with a health sciences college, Sekolah Tinggi Llmu Kesehatan (STIKES), in Mojokerto, Indonesia to teach Indonesian physicians, nurses, and midwives how to perform critical ultrasound techniques. These techniques can be utilized in a variety of settings--from maternal/fetal health, emergency settings, and to diagnosing common diseases. Ultrasound is such an important tool because it provides an efficient and low cost method of supplementing expensive diagnostic tests. Our obstetrics ultrasound lessons may be vital to saving expectant mothers with high risk pregnancies. By teaching relevant scans such as the FASH scan, an efficient and low-cost ultrasound technique to diagnosing Tuberculosis and HIV co-infections, we hope to teach local providers the skills to save lives and prevent the spread of infection. As an additional part of our mission, we hope to raise enough funds to donate an ultrasound machine to the community.

We also plan to conduct research in fields including CKD (chronic kidney disease), the correlation between carotid stiffness and smoking, and US guided venous catheterizations. In addition to our research projects, we are conducting a national healthcare survey assessing patient and physician satisfaction with Indonesia's current universal healthcare policy.

By donating to our cause, you are becoming a vital contributor to the benefit we hope to bring to the Indonesian people this summer. We will continue to update our website, Facebook, and Instagram with blog posts, photos, and details of our numerous projects, so please stay connected.

Thank you for your support!

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